7.50 INDEX

7.50 INDEX  ~  ¼ Mile

(No New Entries Past 12PM Saturday)

WINNER: $4,000

RUNNER UP: $1,000


Race Entry: 150

16 Car Qualified Field


  • Format: This is a ¼ Mile Class run on a .400 Pro Tree. 7 Second auto start will be on at all times. Courtesy Staging Recommended, Deep Staging Allowed, Pro Ladder.
  • General Safety: All vehicles must conform with general NHRA & Track safety rules.
  • CHASSIS: Any Type Chassis Allowed & Bolt On Aftermarket Parts Allowed
  • BODY: Any Year Vehicle Allowed.
  • WEIGHT: No Minimum Weight
  • FUEL: Any Fuel Allowed.
  • NITROUS: Nitrous Allowed
  • Throttle Stops / Controllers, Delay Boxes / Devices Are Prohibited
  • Trans Brake & Two-Step Allowed
  • Aftermarket Auto Shifters Prohibited, Car must be shifted by driver or function must be of OEM Stock Origin
  • No roadsters, altereds or dragsters allowed

Lower Engine Containment Device (Diaper) – MANDATORY
Engine Containment Device: Engine diaper or catch pan device to capture oil and/or debris in the event of engine and/or transmission failure mandatory. Where exhaust header passes directly under oil pan, a two piece diaper may be utilized. If a catch pan device is used, catch pan must employ minimum 2 inch high lips on all sides. Notching of the pan is prohibited, as it must be 2″ high on all sides. All lips must have a continuous weld or a bend in the metal along seams and corners so fluids cannot escape (you cannot bolt or pop rivet lips on pans for oil to escape). Lips must be covered or curved inward, so as to contain oil in pan. Catch pan must cover entire area below the engine/transmission. Catch pan must extend from radiator support to firewall an d from frame rail to frame rail. In all cases, lips must be adequate enough to contain oil in the catch pan. Should a competitor spill excessive oil from the catch pan and debris onto the track, he or she may be disqualified from further competition at the sole and absolute discretion of the event director until the catch pan is upgraded, regardless of the height of pan lips or pan design

9.99 to 7.50 or any car exceeding 135 mph:
Jacket and pants meeting SFI Spec 3.2A/5 and gloves meeting SFI Spec 3.3/1 mandatory. Ethanol fuel safety requirement as follows: Suit meeting SFI Specs 3.2A/15, gloves and boots meeting SFI Spec 3.3/5 mandatory.

All competitors must have competition number and membership number. A valid NHRA competition license is mandatory for driver of any vehicle running 9.99 or quicker. All drivers running 10.00 seconds or slower must have a valid state- or government-issued driver’s license beyond a learner’s-permit level or valid NHRA competition license. See NHRA General Regulations 10:4.


*Must have 16 Cars for Full Payout